Dr Kanika Govil MD
Dr Kanika Govil MD

Dr Kanika Govil MD is a Family Doctor and general practitioner, with a private Family Medicine Practice located in Chantilly and Dulles VA. She has experience of more then 15 years in Family Medicine. Dr Govil has wide range of experience treating patients from a common cold to more complex problems such as Heart Disease and Diabetes. Performs minor surgical and skin procedures, and also uses Botox Cosmetic in her practice. Dr Kanika started Chantilly Family Medicine, a family doctor clinic with locations in Chantilly and Dulles/South Riding to provide patients with personalized primary care.  

Dr Kanika Govil MD ‘s Education
Dr Kanika Govil MD completed her residency from Virginia Commonwealth University (Fairfax Family Practice). She completed her undergraduate Medical school degree from Government Medical College in Miraj India. Once of the prestigious University hospitals in the state she hailed from.

About Her
Dr Govil was born in Maharashtra, India and graduated with State Merit/Honor Roll in her High School. She graduated from Med School with a MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree. Currently lives in Ashburn with her husband, a daughter and a son. Is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Dr Govil’s Practice Philosophy​
Dr Govil believes that each patient is a complex individual with his/her own unique bio-psychosocial components. What this really means is that she cares about how you feel, how you want to be treated, how you live, and how life has affected you. She doesn’t just treat your disease; she treats the complete you.

Her Goal
Her goal is a happy healthy you!! Also to provide the best care possible to all her patients. She treats her patients as though they are her family members. She will do everything she can to help patients navigate through the complexity of today’s health care system. Always try to explain medical problems in terms that patients can understand. As a true family physician, she has diverse interests. So, she can explain things in ways that make good sense to you.

Appointments can be made by calling us from our contact page or online at :

Dr Govil gives her patients a subtle, natural look using Botox and other facial injectables. Visit her MedSpa page at https://www.eawellnessmedspa.com/

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